In Your Spa/Store

Pure Resurgence is a perfect vendor partner for hotels, resort/day spas, dining establishments and retail boutiques. We have found that once a guest tries our all natural salts, they are motivated to purchase the salt jars from your retail space.

We make this easy by providing you with a free salt display bowl to place in your bathrooms along with free sample salt to keep it stocked for customer use when they wash their hands!

By offering the salt in your bathrooms, you are offering your guests a more luxurious hand washing experience, increasing your guest satisfaction. The scent from the salt also helps to create a beautiful aroma in your chosen space. The salt stand directs the guest to your retail shop or spa to purchase, and once they are there, you can offer treatment services or additional retail recommendations. Our “try and buy” program really does create a win-win-win scenario!

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