Having been in the spa industry for the past 19 years I have learned when it comes to products, relationships and quality of product are keys to the success of a brand. I have been a Spa Director for the past 10 years.  From the time I was 18 and working as a massage therapist, I knew that the spa industry was my passion and dream career. As a spa director I oversaw the operations of multi-million-dollar spas but my true passion was working with other Spa Directors in achieving their goals. My passion was re-ignited this past year when I made the decision to start my company, Pure Resurgence.

I was determined to create a line of products that supported my partners in two ways. One, offer a product line that is incredibly active and will truly offer results and two, support my partners in driving sales and cutting cost in treatment and marketing. I am proud to offer this incredible line to the spa and hospitality industries and know that you will enjoy it!

Our patented all natural salt is truly like no other! Through our secret genius way of manufacturing our salt we are able to mix our organic jojoba and essential oils into the salt leaving it with a dry look and feel but once applied to the skin and mixed with water it leaves your skin exfoliated, hydrated and smelling amazing!

Due to our manufacturing process our salt dissolves easily, thus our salt program for hotels, spas and retail boutiques is the perfect way to offer your guests a luxury experience while marketing your retail shop at the same time. Through our salt program, our partners can receive complimentary salt products and marketing tools based on their retail purchases. Can you say “FREE Marketing?”